There are two complete short story series called Sex and the City of Cannes and Sex and the Black Rock City. The third series, called My 40 Lovers, has only one eBook so far.

Sex and the City of Cannes (4 eBooks)

1st eBook: : French Three-way with the Baby Brother
2nd eBook:  Pussy in a Castle
3rd eBook:  Penis Addict
4th eBook: Dungeon

Sex and the Black Rock City (5 eBooks)

1st eBook:  Tantric Sex Workshop
2nd eBook: Orgy Dome – Temporarily not available on Amazon
3rd eBook: Twin Sister
4th eBook:  Temple of Sex
5th eBook:  Threesome, Foursome, Flip

My 40 Lovers (Unknown)

The number of eBooks in this series is not known yet. I am collecting inspiration and writing the stories at this time.

1st eBook: Cherry Pie for Lunch
2nd eBook: Power Exchange – Coming up soon
3rd eBook: Secret Sex Party – Coming up soon

Poetry and Photography Book

Boyfriend/Lovers/Mother: A book of erotic poems, prose and photos

An erotic poetry/photography eBook composed of my journal entries between 2007-2011

What did other readers say about short stories?

“Jayla Jones is an incredibly stunning woman and an equally inspiring writer — a rare combination more sought after than a Unicorn. In time, Ms. Jones will likely become the next E. L. James — only Jones is not a wanna-be — she may well be the first female sex journalist and documentarian, revealing and exposing herself and her sexuality like no writer since Anais Nin. As such, she fully deserves success and accolades because her work is 100% authentic instead of barely titillating fantasy. If you have not seen Jones’ photo diary, you’re in for an extremely delicious visual treat! Even more satisfying is the juxtaposition of these photos (and videos) of her sinfully perfect body with her real-life erotic adventures. The combination is at once intoxicating and combustible. You are drawn like a moth to her intense flame and all you can do is hope to get burned… badly!

Inspired by her actual erotic exploits, Ms. Jones’ stories are dripping with carnality and delicately infused with depravity, making her concise writing both hypnotic and addictive. Ms. Jones is the modern “Story of O” and her polished style is deeply evocative and authentic. You ache to read about her encounters and tremble as you slide your hand inside your panties. If you’ve not partaken yet, you are absolutely missing out on some of the better erotica as she has a gift for the kinds of details that paint truly libidinal images. No working erotic author remotely rivals Ms. Jones’ world-class appetite for sexual adventuring. The only small criticism is the short, serialized story format feels a little truncated and deserves more length… sometimes size does matter. Regardless, it is a literary certainty that her loyal readers are on bended knee praying for a longer format release.” J.

“This episode is a fun and sexy adventure in the life of Jayla Jones! Her stories (like her life) are engaging and about experiencing life and pushing one’s limits and seeing what life has in store and making the most of it. I love the detail of her stories! My heart races while I read, and I tremble with anticipation for the next episode!” The Russian

“Jayla’s story wastes no time in jumping into incredibly erotic detail about her amazing life. The pace is fast and exhilarating and Jayla leaves you wanting more.” Osprey

“When Jayla invites you along to join her sexual adventures don’t hesitate. Her erotic world is brought to life with realistic detail and leaves you sitting in a puddle of your own excitement.” Betty

What did other readers say about the poetry book?

“Truly erotic, artistic, original, and sincere. I look forward to much more from this very gifted author. This book is sexuality free of both commercialism and highbrow philosophizing. Cool and also hot!” Mr. Buffo

“Jayla Jones is Pablo Neruda-like in her ability to capture the essence of desire and carnal pleasure. This work is done tastefully and with such artistic flare and intelligent word play… about the taboo subject of lacivious, raw, unadulterated sexual pleasures. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the steamy language speaking to the activities that happen in the adult playground! Then there’s “MOTHER”…to put it plainly, it’s so honest, so brave, so admirable, so courageous! BRAVO…” HughMility

“No sugar-coating, just raw feelings from a lifetime of experiences. In a very concise format, she is able to convey her emtional scars, regrets, and desires. Her poetic approach gives the reader a relatable format. Tragedy and sorrow are accessible through her heart.” SJB

“I found myself losing my breath many times as I read through Boyfriend/Lovers/Mother. Jayla’s poetry is moving and honest, revealing both dark and deeply erotic vignettes that she has experienced. The accompanying photography is utterly salacious and arousing and I found it difficult to move on at times! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a thrilling and erotic read!” JY