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Technical Guide to Female Ejaculation Female-Ejaculation

A Man’s Squirting Orgasm Handbook as an eBook IS COMING by the end of 2013.

Here is the intro for you:

You are here to learn and improve your knowledge on female ejaculation, also known as G-Spot orgasm, gushing orgasm, and squirting. Congratulations on being open minded and experimental. In front of you, you have a wide ocean to discover.  You will enjoy the journey

Here are the author’s statistics:

First sex: 16
First clitoral orgasm: 19
First vaginal orgasm: unknown (very, very rare)
First squirt session with fingers: 28
First squirt session with a penis: 29
Capacity for multiple orgasms: late 29
My age: 33

As you see, I am not a natural-born squirter. I trained my body to achieve squirting orgasms, and now my friends are begging me to teach them this new mystery. In fact, there is nothing secret about it. For men, it requires consistent practice and understanding of female anatomy and good sexual technique. For women, things are a bit different, of course.  But you are a man, after all.  So, you will not have to worry about the rest.  In this book, I will tell you the critical techniques that worked for many of my lovers and share my firsthand experiences with you.

L.A. Secret Sex Party

Secret_Sex_Party_Los_AngelesThis is an erotic short story (also known as episode). Each story stands alone, like a TV episode, but is a part of a larger collection. This story contains explicit sex scenes, M/F/F, for adults, 18 and older only.

This book is the THIRD book of “My 40 Lovers” series. However, you can read every story independently. The story takes place at a sex party in Los Angeles, California. If you were ever one of Jayla’s lovers, you may find yourself in her stories. Don’t worry, she changes all names and will keep your identity between you and her. If not, maybe you will be in the next story.

This story will be published by the end of 2013.