Female Ejaculation

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Female-EjaculationTechnical Guide to Female Ejaculation

A Man’s Squirting Orgasm Handbook as an eBook IS COMING very soon.


Here is the intro for you:

You are here to learn and improve your knowledge on female ejaculation, also known as G-Spot orgasm, gushing orgasm, and squirting. Congratulations on being open minded and experimental. In front of you, you have a wide ocean to discover.  You will enjoy the journey


Who is the author?


Here are the author’s statistics:


First sex: 16

First clitoral orgasm: 19

First vaginal orgasm: unknown (very, very rare)

First squirt session with fingers: 28

First squirt session with a penis: 29

Capacity for multiple orgasms: late 29

My age: 33


As you see, I am not a natural-born squirter. I trained my body to achieve squirting orgasms, and now my friends are begging me to teach them this new mystery. In fact, there is nothing secret about it. For men, it requires consistent practice and understanding of female anatomy and good sexual technique. For women, things are a bit different, of course.  But you are a man, after all.  So, you will not have to worry about the rest.  In this book, I will tell you the critical techniques that worked for many of my lovers and share my firsthand experiences with you.


How to make the most of this book?


I suggest reading the book thoroughly before you start experimenting. As the name suggests, this book gives you all the necessary manual techniques to make her squirt.


The mind and body are one and every relationship has unique characteristics. We focus on the body parts, while only touching on the “mind” parts of the relationship in this book. The female mind is as complex, and would require another book in itself. First and foremost, you need to find out whether your partner wants to try gushing orgasms. I expect that your partner has already had clitoral or vaginal orgasms before. She is curious and wants to explore. You have a trusting relationship with her. She is healthy. You have talked about this with her, and she is eager to explore.


Nothing in this book is a “must” situation. These are more like suggestions from an expert. Use them at your own risk.  Use them to find new depth in your sexuality. I encourage you to try them all, then find your own style. Fake it until you get it.


Remember.  There are limits.


The first step I took to improve my sexuality was to understand my limits. For instance…

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