My Artistic Mission


Jayla Jones project is my artistic lifestyle experiment. In the big picture, I intent to blur and eventually erase the distinction amongst the disciplines of art: literature, photography, and video art. I experiment on how to integrate the different forms of art, serious literary prose, sexuality, photography and poetry, as opposed to separate them. The reader- Don’t be shocked to find my name attached to some edgy stuff on various platforms.

I keep everything real.
I don’t hold back.
I produce everything within my capacity through my eyes.
I get professional help for only as a favor from my friends and inspired fans.

Following my artistic mission to erase the distinction between serious literature and hard core erotica, I experiment within my passion. I whole heartedly welcome all feedback if it is too far from one way or other.



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My inspiration comes from

Adult Friend Finder (for singles)
Swingers Dating Club (for couples)

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 Inspiration came from