When did I see my first adult penis?

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“…I was five years old, taking a shower with my dad and my little cousin Jacques. We were at my cousin’s house, in front of a squeaky clean white bathtub—thanks to my aunt. Strong bleach smell on all the tile walls. White shower curtains flying with the movements of three people, trying to take a bath. Air flow through the bottom of the door with our movements, the curtain stuck onto my hairy arms or legs. My cousin touched my dad’s penis and cracked up.  He got in the bathtub laughing. In his five-year-old mind he was just playing with that monstrous penis flapping, as though it were a toy. I ran away to the other side of the tub.  My dad placed the shampoo, the loofa and some olive oil soap on a rack high up. His naked figure was like a Greek statue. I wanted to marry my dad right then. He was tall, strong… enormous. He had big thick fingers and strong defined arms. He could carry my cousin and me at the same time, one under each arm. His dark Middle-Eastern skin was covered with man-groomed hair. His voice was decisive. His penis was huge, as were his hair-covered balls. I was proud I looked like him. But he had pitch-black hair on his cockshaft. I had no hair on my pussy. His hair was about half an inch long, covering almost all of the skin between his legs. My cousin had a smaller body than I did. His five-year-old penis was pale like the rest of his body, and only as big as my pinky. His uncircumcised cock was like a cone, getting thinner at the end. Each time he moved his pinky penis and his tiny balls would shake left and right. I was not at all envious that dad and cousin had an extra piece of meat hanging between their legs. Raised by an arrogant grandmother, I was proud to be a girl—even though I not yet aware of the superpowers of my pussy. My eyes rolled back with a “huh” when my cousin pinched my dad’s penis and watched it swing. I thought that was ridiculous.  Look at me then, and look at me now! I am a penis addict… ”

Excerpted from Penis Addict, story no 3 from the Sex and the City of Cannes Series.



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